Sunday, August 18, 2013

She's a fitspiration: Monika Sta. Maria

Model Monika Sta. Maria is just 21!
Hi guys! If you're determined to start the week right, then that makes two of us! This week's fitspiration is none other than Century Superbods winner - model Monika Sta. Maria! I've had the chance to work with her at a Metro Weddings shoot once, and weeks later I found out she won the contest in Boracay. Way to go girl! I knew that behind that pretty face is a girl who's determined and a disciplined eater, who for sure loves working out. Check out her profile below, and let her help you get on the right track!

What is your fitness activity/workout of choice? How did you get into this? How does it fit into your schedule?
My favorite is jogging on the treadmill or outdoors! I include it in all of my work outs! Jogging can be a warm up, cool down or even a quick workout when you don't have much time! Going for jogs also helps clear my mind of all my worries! I have a trainer sometimes in Golds Gym when I'm in the Philippines, so i can learn different workouts with weights that targets the areas I want to improve on. When I'm away, like right now I'm in Malaysia, I try to find a gym and do weights maybe like 3 times a week. When I was in Singapore and didn't have any gym, I would jog outdoors and do exercises without weights like squats, lunges, push ups, sit ups and core to name a few. I don't attend classes but I like keeping myself active! Like I would ask my friends to go wakeboarding with me, or play volleyball when I'm at the beach! Working out makes me feel happy and confident so I always look for it wherever I am! :)

Playing beach volleyball at Sentosa in Singapore
What's your diet like? Give specific dishes you consume daily, brands you love, restaurants you frequent, and where you shop for food.
I just skip the junk food and fast food! If I eat out, I go for Chinese dishes (like veggies and tofu). When I prepare my own meals at home I usually prepare chicken breast, veggies like broccoli and brown rice or potatoes. Most importantly, I try to always start my day with a proper breakfast like muesli with fruits and non-fat milk/greek yogurt! YUM! 

Foodstagram: how appetizing are Monika's meals???
What are the top 3 fitness/health lessons you can share with us?
1. Drink a LOT of water
2. Never skip breakfast
3. Dont be afraid of carbs! Just be informed about the proper carbs to take!
What's on your workout playlist?
Sleaze by Knife Party and Retro City by Adventure Club! They really get me pumped up especially during cardio! :)
Workout gear must-haves?
The perfect pair of running shoes! I love Nike at the moment, they're so comfy and come in so many cute colors!
Winning the Century Superbods title means you're legit!

Whose body do you dream of achieving? Fitness idols?
My ultimate fitness idol is Candice Swanepoel! She has the perfect bod and she really works hard for it!

Always be active! Here she is wakeboarding at Nuvali
Please share some of the blogs/websites/Instagram accounts, etc. you frequent for fitspiration!
Here are some of the many Instagram accounts I frequent for fitspiration: @fitnational, @staysharpbestrong, @factsofhealth and last but not the least @angelcandices :)

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