Tuesday, June 11, 2013

She's a fitspiration: Lissa Kahayon

Lissa Kahayon (RIGHT), 23, entrepreneur, freelance stylist and fashion blogger
Happy new week everyone! I'm back for your weekly dose of fitspiration from real girls. This time, I chose to feature Lissa Kahayon, a fashion blogger at www.lissakahayon.com, one I've worked with before for a magazine shoot, and someone I consider a real fitspiration! She manages to juggle her insanely busy schedule and make sure she has time for fitness and a well-disciplined diet. Check out Lissa and grab some health and fitness tips along the way! Cheers to the new week!

What is your fitness activity/workout of choice? How did you get into this? How does it fit into your schedule?
I always try to do something new so that my body will not get used to a certain kind of workout. Right now I do strength and conditioning, core and plyometrics. I've always been addicted to working out but it wasn't until 8 months ago that I decided to take it into a completely different level. I combined my workouts with healthy eating, ample amount of recovery/sleep time and I'm really happy with the results. I'm lucky that I get to work on my own pace so I workout morning before I go to work or mid-afternoon when I'm already done with my errands. I also have to work around the schedule of my trainers.

What's your diet like? Give specific dishes you consume daily, brands you love, restaurants you frequent, and where you shop for food.
For breakfast, Nestle Fitnesse cereals with soya milk and natural peanut butter or oatmeal with natural peanut butter. For lunch/post workout- chicken breast and lots of vegetables. For dinner I usually have fish/chicken, yogurt or other foods high in protein. For restaurants, I love Nihon Bashitei and Cafe Med. I avoid eating out too much because I'm very particular with the ingredients, type of oil they use to cook the food, etc. It gets too tiring to ask too many questions so I'd rather eat at home haha! For groceries, I just ask our helper or my mom to buy me my fruits/vegetables, eggs, chicken, etc.

The discipline shows! Here with fellow blogger David Guison
Top 3 fitness/health lessons you can share with us?
1. Achieving your fitness goals/dream body/peg will take a lot of time. It has been 8 months since I fully dedicated myself to a fit & healthy lifestyle and there's still so much that I need to work on. I became obsessed because I saw a tremendous amount of change in my body. I've never felt this lighter in my life and I can honestly say that I became a stronger version of myself. 

2. Committing to this kind of lifestyle requires a whole lot of sacrifice. I don't get to see my friends that much since I try to sleep by 9 or 10, I avoid alcohol and yes, I get into arguments with my friends/family since they find it so difficult to feed me. Haha!

3. The results will not be the same for everyone. I used to get so frustrated whenever I feel like I'll never be able to achieve my "peg" but it just comes down to the fact that we all have different body types. Some are born lucky while most of us will have to work our butt off. Focus on your goals but be practical/reasonable too. :)
What's on your workout playlist?
Anything hip hop will always be appealing to me. It sets the mood right and I get so pumped up to work out.

Workout gear must-haves? 
I'm always wearing a loose top because I feel so comfortable in them. I lift too so I need gloves. Don't forget your water jug, towel and cycling shorts as well! :)

Enjoying Palawan with Laureen Uy, Nicole Andersson, and Camille Co
Whose body do you dream of achieving? Fitness idols? 
The Victoria's Secret angels are definitely an inspiration but lately I'm loving these random fitness girls on Instagram. I guess it's because they're more relatable and they share their before/after photos, diet and health tips. I love Nike master trainer, Marie Purvis, Jillian Michaels and yes, even Shaun T. They're unbelievably strong!

Share some of the blogs/websites/Instagram accounts, etc. you frequent for fitspiration! 
I also search by using the ff: hashtags: motivation, fitspiration, abs, core, ripped and diet.

Enjoying the beach with friends

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