Friday, November 11, 2011

(Hopefully) not just another fad!

You've gotta admit: milk tea has taken our world by storm this year. While most people think this is a "healthy" drink since it has tea in it, it actually isn't. One glass of milk tea with pearls is said to contain a whopping 400-500 calories. What more for those dessert drink types with pudding, ice cream, and cream cheese on top. Again, we've all gotta admit: we're pretty addicted.

On a lighter note, I'm happy to discover that a new franchise is now in Manila, and it's actually pretty healthy (it's the real deal!) Word on the street is that Jamba Juice is now open in Manila! Their first store in South East Asia opened at the Bonifacio Global City last November 10. Since The Fort is known to be home to a slew of runners, it serves as the perfect first location for the store so as to serve as the new hangout for the health conscious (or even curious onlookers for that matter).

We were given a support Philippine (Guimaras) mangoes bag tag - one way of welcoming Jamba Juice to our home
If you look at their menu, Jamba Juice is actually a one-stop shop. Get filled with all that goodness starting from all-fruit smoothies, fruit and yogurt parfaits, fresh squeezed juices, steel-cut oatmeal, California flatbread pizzas, breakfast wraps, and boosts and shots!

Welcome to Manila! (Sorry for the quality, this was taken with my phone camera)
Definitely trying this one out on my next visit!
Have nowhere to go today? Now you do! Enjoy your Jamba Juice! Located at Bonifacio High Street across R.O.X.

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