Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fitness Pro: Tracy Anderson

Star power: celebrity clients include Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna, and Shakira
We love to complain about how we don't have enough time, money, or resources to keep fit. We resort to being envious of celebrities because they have it all at their disposal: money to spend on personal chefs, nutritionists, assistants to remind them of their workout schedule, and yes, personal trainers. There's Jillian Michaels of The Biggest Loser, there's Jarret del Bene, Lauren Conrad's personal trainer, and then there's Tracy Anderson, celebrity personal trainer to Madonna (who has arms of steel), Gwyneth Paltrow (who has legs of sexy steel), and Shakira (who has abs that resemble steel). She's the teeny, tiny secret behind these stars' to die for bodies.

With plenty of her DVDs out, (a couple of which can already be downloaded off the net!), we too can achieve even a hint of these girls' bodies. Believe me, the first time I tried her routine, I felt sore all over, in places I didn't think could feel that way! She advices us to do the cardio and mat workouts five to six times a week, and she promises a big difference in the way your body looks. Don't cheat with food though - you're only cheating yourself. Good luck! :)

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