Sunday, September 12, 2010

To 26 and Beyond!

I celebrated my 26th birthday over the weekend and to say that it was nothing short of amazing is an understatement. Had plenty of delicious (sadly, high-calorie) food, great company, and of course - awesome gifts from my awesome friends! And speaking of gifts - there's this one particular awesome gift I got from my good friend Bianx de Leon: a Moleskine Wellness Journal.

It has a food diary, a workout track, a goals section, and an inspiration section that all help you take note of how you are doing in terms of your everyday wellness. (Plus it has pretty little stickers that simply add a ton more fun to journal writing!)

Starting tomorrow, I shall get my hands dirty - will definitely get back on the healthy track and start achieving those goals I've set for my 26th year on Earth. I am most definitely blessed to be given another year to realize the beauty of this life. Hope we're all on the same boat! :-) Cheers!

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