Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Veggie curry and quinoa with cayenne pepper

This dish is a pretty filling one ideal for lunch or dinner! I always thought curry dishes would never be complete without some sort of meat but to my delight, vegetables are just as delicious and all the more nutritious! Mix with some "supergrain" quinoa to get your double dose of fiber, protein, iron, lysine, manganese, Riboflavin (vit. B2), and magnesium! Bon apetit!

String beans
Sweet potato
Coconut milk (gata)
Salt and pepper to taste
Curry powder
Cayenne Pepper
Quinoa (available at Healthy Options)
- brown or red rice is also a good option
Canola oil/coconut oil for cooking

1. Chop all the vegetables into desired sizes. Onion and garlic must be chopped finely.
2. Prepare coconut milk by squeezing the grated coconut meat that has been soaked in water. Collect the milk via a sieve or a nut milk bag. (Buy the fresh coconut from nearby markets and avoid the packaged ones in groceries) Fresh is best!
3. Saute onions and garlic, add the chopped vegetables until cooked. Stir continuously.
4. Add the curry powder making sure it's evenly distributed. Add coconut milk then bring to a boil.
5. Check if the sweet potato and squash are already cooked as these are the ones that take a bit of time.
6. Season with salt and pepper.
7. Boil quinoa (1 cup = 2 cups of water). Wait till it has absorbed all the water and looks something like the photo above. You may opt to have the dish with red or brown rice - equally tasty!
8. Season the dish with cayenne pepper for that spicy kick! (Tip: it also speeds up your metabolism)

Enjoy! :)

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