Sunday, April 7, 2013

Current read: The Beauty Detox Solution

In my quest to eat a cleaner diet and generally live a a healthier lifestyle this year, I chanced upon this book after hearing about Kimberly Snyder, a nutritionist to the stars based in LA who is a huge advocate of the vegan lifestyle, and simply eating right. For her, fad diets aren't the key to being healthy for life - eating right is! In this book, she teaches you the basic principles of what she calls "The Beauty Detox Solution", simple lessons you can learn to rid your body of toxins, gain more energy, have amazing skin, and eat for a healthier, fitter, hotter you! Meat lover? Don't fret. Kimberly doesn't require you to go vegan to be able to reap the benefits of these principles. Instead, she teaches us how to eat the right kinds of meat, when to eat it, and what to avoid. 

Personally, I've been doing a little road-test of what I've learned so far, and I've got to say it simply works! My bowel movement is regular, I don't get gassy or bloated, and I actually have more energy! One basic, powerful lesson I've learned lately is to eat fruit ONLY when your stomach is empty (aka in the morning). This way, the fruit doesn't get fermented along with other food you consume during meals thus exiting your body more quickly! You reap the benefits this way as your body gets to absorb all the fruit's nutrients first thing. Goodbye annoying bloated feeling! Trust me.

Also included in the book are easy-peasy recipes you can whip up at home, anytime! Just make an effort to stock your fridge and pantry with her key ingredients and you won't even break a sweat while cooking. One particular gem is the #GGS or the Glowing Green Smoothie, a green smoothie Kimberly concocted suited for anyone who wants to feel a-maaaaazing. Drink it first thing in the morning for a week and see for yourself! Check it out:
The Beauty Detox Solution is available online via Amazon. Do check out Kimberly Snyder's site:

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