Monday, February 6, 2012

Mondo madness

If there was a joint that I'd want to see all over the city, it's definitely got to be Mondo Juice. With just three branches (for now), it takes quite the effort to get a piece of their delicious smoothies and mouthwatering sandwiches, but I tell you, the trip is worth it! Being based in Makati, it's out of the ordinary for me to brave Edsa traffic to get to either Megamall or Robinsons Galleria but whenever I do, I make sure I stop by this nice little juice bar/cafe to get my Mondo fix! :) :)
They proudly serve 100% fruit smoothies - and by a hundred percent that doesn't mean any "fake", harmful ingredients, or chemical stuff pretending to be real fruit. Only 1/3 lb of real fruit that came from smoothie heaven. Add to that, they also offer veggie juices (one of my new faaaaavorite things in the world!), plus heavenly sandwiches. By heavenly I mean they bake their own bread daily, and they use the best ingredients sans extenders or preservatives. My personal fave is the turkey pesto on ciabatta sandwich.

Don't tell me you're not salivating right now.
Let the feasting begin! (and never end, hahaha!)

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