Sunday, July 3, 2011

On enzymes, pH, and living like you mean it

So I finally got my copy of Crazy Sexy Diet, Kris Carr's book about healthy eating (emphasis on raw food, going Vegan, and green juices) and lifestyle overhauls. Thanks to my cousin Ida who just got home from the States, I now have my very own go-to Bible cum encyclopedia about what goes on in our bodies if and when we decide to treat it with a little extra TLC (or the opposite, you know what I mean). So a few pages into the book, I've already learned a ton of stuff - I'm worried that I have to highlight lines because everything's just informative. So help me God, I will try my very best to incorporate and apply these nuggets of wisdom into my eating habits and pray for good changes to happen with my health. I have absolutely no excuses to tell for my poor eating habits at times - what with weekend food fests and shoot food (read: fast food galore). I really feel guilty. I don't think that the main reason I feel badly about this is that I may be gaining a bit of weight, but more on the fact that I may be wreaking havoc on my own body.  Good thing, there's always tomorrow. It's never too late till it's too late. Wish me luck! ;) For now, I leave you with Kris Carr's Youtube trailer about her book. She's such an inspiration!

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